5 Reasons To Use Symfony Framework For Your Upcoming Project

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In terms of making a competitive choice among the top PHP development frameworks, Symfony Framework gives a tough challenge to CodeIgniter and Laravel. All three are extremely popular but the symphony Framework has a clear edge over the other two frameworks.

As cool and sweet as its name is, Symfony is a flexible framework loaded with an extensive package and component library from which developers can select the necessary PHP features needed for their project.

There are also several other key benefits that have made Symfony Framework so popular as a major PHP framework. But before explaining these reasons, we need to take a quick look at the definition of framework and the key value proposition.

What Exactly Symfony Framework?

Symfony Framework is a dynamic PHP framework for building complex and feature-rich web apps in all areas. The framework is packed with powerful features and functionalities, well-articulated architecture, and a strong developer community. The framework is particularly known for its great performance, agility, and the tried and tested MVC architecture that works well with various patterns of object-oriented programming.

The latest version of the Symfony framework supports Symfony 2 PHP 5.3.2 version. This Symfony version also supports several leading databases MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and several others.

On the downside, the framework is quite slow as compared to the available CMS solutions in terms of development speed for building websites. The framework can also create various modules that work really fast and easily support various business functions.

Before explaining the major reasons why we chose the Symfony framework for web development, let us take a look at the key differences between Symfony and other PHP frameworks.

Symfony vs Zend:

Symphony, as compared to Zend, offers more expressive and well-articulated architecture. Although both are equally flexible and well equipped, the Symfony Framework comes with a more robust design.

Symfony vs Yii and Laravel:

When compared to these two frameworks, Symfony may be a little more grounded, especially if the project involves a lot of difficulties.

Lastly, in comparison to most other PHP frameworks, Symfony is used by a larger number of global companies and web projects including Yahoo, Drupal, Dailymotion, Ted, Photobucket, BlaBlaCar, and many others.

1 Optimum Flexibility

The Symfony framework is a highly organized, well-equipped PHP framework that provides practically every dynamic feature that web projects of varying complexity levels require. Symfony provides two of the most important aspects for web development bundles, and components, respectively. These two aspects ascertain the best flexibility in building web projects.

The bundle is similar to plugins offering decoupled, reusable, and configuration friendly code blocks that ensure optimal modularity for a development project.

Components, on the other hand, help in carrying out all the routine development tasks by incorporating custom modules that work independently of the architecture. Markets with high demand for small business websites especially Symfony because of this modularity. It is not hard to guess why small firms consult Symphony Development Company India for their web projects.

2 Unmatched Scope of Innovation

Everything you would normally expect to use a web framework is actually offered by Symfony. It allows for rapid development, flexibility with custom options and reusable components. In addition to all this, the symphony also emerged as a framework that encouraged continuous innovation.

3 Mature MVC Architecture

In the case of the Symfony framework, the MVC architecture is more mature and well-articulated for building web projects which are highly scalable. Symfony relies on the MVC protocol as its core architecture and established practices to maintain all the files in the model, view, and controller in a single project.

4 Huge Resources

When you use the Symfony framework, you can never really be completely alone because you have plenty of developer community support or direct support from the company to help you out in case of all development issues and problems.

5 Optimum Scope of Customisation

The Symfony Framework is packed with a range of customizable features and functionalities that developers and enterprises can choose from as per the requirements for their web projects. It helps PHP based web development to be user-centric as per the requirement of the enterprise.

Final Words

Now, after such a long discussion, you must have learned that what are the reasons for the high demand for the use of Symfony Framework in website development. Symfony Framework can change the face of your business with its high-quality features.

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